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An attribute of the morality of the religion of ignorant: Most of the words spoken are not accurate but simply deceptive

The society of ignorance has an important attribute: People can never hear accurate and sincere information from one another. This holds true especially for the matters for which they compete within the worldly criteria of the ignorant society. These people desire to be the most powerful, most popular, most respected, most beautiful, wealthiest, most adored person of the society in which they live and for this end they demonstrate unbelievable greed. In order to attain their worldly desires they are willing to sacrifice everything and, if necessary, resort to all sorts of illegal ways. They can even sacrifice the people they most like and sometimes risk death. For their ends, they may assume all kinds of bad morals; they may easily tell lies, deceive people, display insincere attitude, devise plots against their loved ones and recklessly give material and spiritual harm to one another.

Within this greedy approach of the ignorance it is never possible to be real friends with people. When they consult to one another, it is not possible to have a really beneficial opinion. Competition, greed, the drive to be superior always precedes friendship. They can even not be honest to their dear ones. It is the common attributes of people who have the morality of the ignorance to tell that something which is in fact ‘good’ is bad, not to express the favorable attributes of a person but to always mention his flawed aspects, to gossip about them etc.

Genuine love, friendship and veracity are only peculiar to those who fear Allah. It is possible to receive the most accurate and sincere information from a believer about all matters. A Muslim never lets something mischievous to happen to someone. He always provides people beneficial information that will let them see the rational and real aspects of events. In compliance with the commandment of Allah, “enjoining the good and forbidding the evil”, their awareness that they will absolutely warn others if there is something wrong and call one another to the good make Muslims trust in one another and thus improve themselves in the best way possible.

2011-04-04 13:45:18

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