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Inimitable tasks of cells

An orderly and efficient manufacturing process in a factory requires harmony among the entire apparatus.

However, the harmonious working of all devices is not enough for manufacture. Since production depends on the simultaneous work of the tools. In case where there is trouble with synchronization, an extensive disorder occurs in the factories that are much simpler when compared to the complex systems in human body. Yet, in our body, there are trillions of cells that have a higher technology than the most developed factories of the world. Besides, production is splendidly varied in our cells where as many factories focus on a single product, mostly. In order to produce a perfect product, these cells have to move in cooperation and order with one another and with other cells. Here are the miracles happening at every moment, in our cells:

Cells protect Genetic Information

Any kind of information regarding our body structure, shape and feature is included in a system inside the cell nucleus, called chromosomes – which are made of DNA and protein. Yet, our genetic information within the very first cell has to be transferred to the other cells by means of cell division. During this procedure, cells use a particular “chromosome adhesive” called cohesin. Cohesin “glues” the chromatids together, which  gets separated from one another during the process of cell division. Nonetheless, recent research has shown that the function of this adhesive-like protein is not limited to its binding the chromatids. It also repairs DNA damages. That is to say, cohesin is a significant protein displaying how a cell protects its very own library. This repair is significant for the protection of all genetic information that belongs to us and is based on the principle of rejoining the broken strands in DNA strings. If there hadn’t been such a protection system in our body, then there would have been a distortion in the systematic functioning of our body. This can be compared to a computer crash resulting from a malfunction in the system.

Cohesin is only a protein. And surely it is impossible to claim that this protein processes a repairing mechanism for DNA, the building block of the cell, and knows when to interfere for impairment in chromatid, daughter strand of DNA invisible to the naked eye. The fact that cohesin becomes an intelligent protein is possible only by the inspiration of Allah. The Almighty Allah shows a sign of this fact, in the Holy Quran:


We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves until it is clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough for your Lord that He is a witness of everything? (Surah Fussilat, 53)

Cells interfere at the right time

DNA uses a language, foreign to us, consisting of an alphabet of four different letters; A, C, T and G, each letter standing for a chemical molecule. Different sequences of these letters provide the information required to form a protein inside the cell. However, not all sequences of these letters make up a protein. Unfamiliar with the language of DNA in these strings, scientists have divided DNA into two categories, as “meaningful” and “meaningless” parts, calling  the latter “junk DNA”. However, recent study has shown that junk DNA is not junk at all; and on the contrary, it organizes the activities of genes around itself. While genes transport the information to produce proteins, the part called junk DNA controls the beginning and end points of that gene. Junk DNA functions as punctuation marks (such as comma or full stop) determining the parts of the gene to produce proteins. In other words, if we consider genes as workers carrying bricks, junk DNA acts like the head workman giving workers their tasks and thus performing a very important function. This proves once more that the Almighty Allah created everything for a purpose and it is a great error that evolutionists named these genes as unused junks.

Each detail in our body is formed by the simultaneous processing of thousands of information. The color of our eyes, our bone structures, how trillions of communication network is established in our brain…these are all registered in the databank of our genes. This information is activated when needed, and lasts during the required time and cell functions as it should. Then the so-called junk DNAs adjust the timing. If the timing had not been right, neither the shape of our body nor our hormone levels would be proper. In brief, the first cell in the womb would have never known when and how to divide and thus man would have never existed. The Almighty Allah created the tiny cell with all the information packed and ready inside. The existence of such an order is of course an admirable sign of Creation.

Cells Separate DNA Strings from One Another

Another enzyme called helicase is an enzyme that unstrings and unwinds DNA strings in DNA replication. This protein uses a great energy to separate DNA strings from one another and by doing so they help our cells divide easier and performs a vital role.

Cells Prevent DNA ends from Unwinding

The ends of the chromosomes are called telomeres. These form the shape of flower bouquet when the strings drew back to their polar spots and they prevent the edges from unwinding and thus prevent DNA from being distorted as a result of unwinding. Through this precaution, the division of cell and transfer of our genetic information to the other cell occur in a perfect orderly pattern. Surely it is impossible for the cell to “think” and take the necessary precautions against the possibility of the edges in the helically packed DNA being unstrung during DNA replication. It is doubtless that the True Owner of this intelligence in the cell is the Almighty Allah.

Cells Prevent Many Diseases through Communication

The intercommunication between cells is also a great miracle of Creation. For instance, red blood cells somehow talk to thrombocytes. Any interruption to this communication results in several diseases from diabetes to heart attacks.  

Cells Do Transportation

Kinesine is one of the motor proteins running along a road of spinner strings made for itself, inside the cell. As it carries a load or chromosomes like a lifter during the cell division, kinesine has to stop at some point. In accordance with this need, kinesine was created with mechanisms that will allow it to stop.

Like workers building rays, this protein determines the speed of division by extending or compressing the road made of spinner strings during cell division and ensures that the ending of the road. This feature of cell is only one of the perfect signs of Allah’s supreme intelligence and His unique artistry in Creation.


What is in the heavens and in the earth belongs to Allah. Allah encompasses all things. (Surat An-Nisa, 126)



Among the invisible cells in our bodies, there is a flawless and perfect harmony. This harmony cannot absolutely occur on its own, by mere coincidences. It is ultimately complex that a gene called bicoid is efficient in the organization of body development; that an adhesive called cohesin fixes the distortion in the primary block of cell called DNA and that it organizes the gene activities around the so-called junk DNA, that another protein called helicase loosens up DNA strings during cell division, that cells communicate with one another, that the protein called kinesine provides intercellular transportation. These are all so intricate that none can be explained by means of coincidences. The fact that activities such as quality control, effective communication, organized performance, planning, guiding are obtained by unconscious, unintelligent cells which are incredibly tiny and unseen to the naked eye  proves us that everything has been created with a great intelligence and supreme consciousness. This order that functions in the same manner in all 100 trillion cells in every single human body of the millions of people living, is a sign of the Almighty Allah’s supreme Creation, His supreme intelligence and that He is the only Deity.


Allah bears witness that there is no god but Him, as do the angels and the people of knowledge, upholding justice. There is no god but Him, the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surah Al-I Imran, 18)

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