Evolution Hoax

''It is not acceptable to sit back and watch the cruelty our Syrian refugee brothers are experiencing.''

My brother, those words said about the Syrian refugees are outrageous, you cannot say that to a guest. Do you even understand why those people are coming here? They are fleeing with their children saying, “They are raping our children, our daughters, they are going to kill us. Save us for the good pleasure of Allah.” They have come to your door, and you are closing that door in their faces! Do you know what this makes you? May Allah forbid, it is like you are  sitting back and watching these murders, these rapes. Let us say that a man attempts to kill a child; he raised his hand and you can stop him by holding his hand. And what does it make you if you don’t? It makes you a person who just sits down and watches an innocent get killed, may Allah forbid. You might be a communist, you might be irreligious but if you have even the  slightest love for Allah in your hearts, do not do that! Even if there are one million people waiting at the borders, we will take our brothers and sisters in Turkey. 

Leave all this fuss behind. They are making a huge fuss, they are using provocateurs. We will not be influenced by these. Even if they use one hundred thousand bombs, we will never let the doors be closed to people taking refuge with us from Syria.

My dear brothers and sisters [Syrian refugees], and the weather is fine, praise be to Allah. Let’s make these people citizens of Turkey, let’s make a law so that we will not send them back to Syria; or perhaps they  might have two separate citizenships. Let them become  citizens  of the Turkish Republic. Let us build houses for them so that they can settle in Hatay. 

Look, I am repeating; do not offend our Syrian refugee brothers and sisters, that is a great shame. They are our guests. That is so wrong, how could anyone do something like that? Do these people not feel ashamed of themselves? I really am speechless. Look, the man says, crying out loud, “They are killing me, they are following me.” And it can be clearly seen, there really are men coming with weapons and knives after them. They are raping ladies, they are martyring our brothers and sisters. And they are crying out loud, “Save us, we will be saved if we enter this door.” But still, there are these people who are attempting to close that door.

My brother, may Allah forbid, do you understand what this means? This might be something that Allah would hold you responsible for in the hereafter. That is a deplorable action. I mean it is like these people are just sitting back and watching an assassination? 

And those dear ones of mine are not asking for much. It is enough for them to find a bed to sleep in and a loaf of bread to eat. They are just  trying to save their lives! And I wonder, if these people were in Syria themselves and if some people were attempting to kill them, if their children and women were under the constant threat of being killed and raped, and if that door was slammed to their faces, how would they act in that case? No one would ever want  to be treated like that. Do not do this, it is outrageous. It is not only outrageous, it is also a sin.  (Adnan Oktar, May 12th, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-06-16 13:31:29

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