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Let’s take a look at the current status in Syria today; after more than 1,500 people were killed in the recent chemical weapons attack, the number of  refugees are increasing day after day. It is reported by the United Nations that 5,000 Syrian are leaving their country every day. Especially after the intervention decision in  Syria was taken, it is said that   1,000,000 people left the country in less than a week. Again as stated by United Nations; Iraq 168,000, Egypt 110,Jordan 515,000, Lebanon 716,000 and Turkey have welcomed 460,000 Syrian refugees.

The UNHCR Special Envoy, world-famous actress Angelina Jolie, expressing her concern about  the increasing number of Syrian refugees, said “If the situation continues to deteriorate at this rate, the number of refugees will only grow, and some neighboring countries could be brought to the point of collapse”.  If we look seriously at the situation  the world is in   along with  recent experiences, economic crises, statistical data and many similar factors, Angelina Jolie may seem right; but if we evaluate the facts by looking at the bigger picture I believe that our Syrian brothers will come with their blessings.

Under these circumstances, the best and the most rational attitude will be the evacuation of the citizens of Syria immediately.

I have some words to say to the countries who refuse the request of our Syrian brothers to take refuge and closed the doors; although being a member of the European Union,  even Sweden has announced that they will welcome 8,000 refugees together with their families, and that the other countries must have a conscience.

Turkey has displayed   exemplary behavior  by welcoming Syrian refugees and helping them. This is  exactly what was expected from Turkey, as being a model for the Middle East  and a leading country.

We all know that, at the time of our Prophet (saas), due to the torments of the deniers in Mecca, Muslims emigrated to Medina by leaving everything behind, under very hard conditions, and were welcomed by the Muslims living there in the best way.

Because the Syrian refugees are essentially stateless, , they are like our Muhajir brothers, who are spoken of in the Qur'an. Our attitude must be the same as the ones who welcomed them in the best way and gave them aid.  We must see Syrian refugees as  a sign from Allah, and welcome them.


 We must behave in an unconditionally welcoming manner to make them comfortable and show kindness to them.


Muslims are brothers of each other and Allah would provide rooms and plenty to those  who makes room for their brothers.

Remember how Ensar took care of their Muslim brothers comfort, even when they were in need, always put the Muhajirs first and helped them, shared what they had with pleasure; we now must show the same sincerity to our Syrian brothers and sisters.

We must not complain but rather welcome them happily and let them know that here, they are safe and they will be treated as our honored guest, and not viewed as a burden. Allah commands us to nothing less.  

2013-10-24 21:46:15

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