Evolution Hoax


Imagine that you are going into a city; it is been razed,  smells of death, quiet as the grave, no signs of life, no birds, and though even it is spring all the flowers are faded and the buds on the trees are dead.

Animals were destroyed on the streets or in the backyards of  houses, little babies met death while they were nursing, whole families eating at the table, collapsed in a heap.

These are not from an apocalyptic movie ;   they are the real facts that happened during the  Halabja Masacre .

The savagery I mentioned above took place at 1988 in Iraq and was one of the worst massacres  the world has witnessed. It was in Halabja, where  the Kurds   lived and it caused the deaths of 5,000 people  and 7,000 more were injured.

The chemical weapon madness which started in  World War One was once again on display in the Guta region, near southern Damascus; no doubt,   others are just around the corner.  Nevertheless, today the world   watched this massacre in silence  as they did in the past.

In the Middle East, the biggest share of the chemical weapons belongs to Syria and Syria was one of the five countries that had refused to sign the United Nations’ protocol about the destruction of chemical weapons .

It seems pretty obvious; these people don’t want to talk, use democratic ways or try to patiently convince others to achieve their goals.

On the contrary, the beasts of the End Times say; “I will kill more, use more violence, I want more blood”.

We hear the hoarse voices of some people, after a long silence, saying that using chemical weapons is “inhuman”.

Also there are some others saying, “The use of the most brutal and insidious weapon of  human history must not be forgiven”.  Well then I am asking you;  are the other weapons or bombs more suitable to your liking?

Will we find them reasonable? Can these  other weapons better differentiate from an  enemy or ally, the good or the bad, women, men, children, soldier or civilian, where chemical weapons can not?

Is it a pity  for the babies poisoned by the chemical gas in Syria, but isn’t it also a pity for the children who died when they  lost their arms or legs  after playing with the anti-personnel mines   which were thrown from the air in Chechnya or in Afghanistan?Mines designed to look like toys; mines designed not to kill outright, but to maim and permanently disable.

As there is no reasonable explanation for killing, there are no innocent killing machines either.  Allah forbids this  in the Qur'an, killing one person unjustifiably is like killing all of mankind.

Under these circumstances, it is not a solution to cry, complain, talk about revenge, to curse or to carry out protests . The question should be;  “How long will  mankind carry on  in this way?”, “What is the best way to come to a solution?”

Let us not forget that when the ship starts sinking, everybody on the ship is in danger of drowning.

The thing we must do is to unite immediately.

So let’s stop these massacres  in the Muslim world, and don’t let them kill each other. 

As  Muslims, let’s  “unite” and let’s put an end to this madness.


2013-10-24 12:21:40

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