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A9 TV, 11 September 2012

There is a problem of insincerity among some of our Muslim brothers. They talk about anarchy and terror. “Such and such is on the wrong path,” they say. All right, anyone can make mistakes. So establish Islamic Unity so everyone’s mistakes can come to an end. That is the complete solution. If you really want to out people’s lives right, then  establish Islamic Unity. Everyone will then come right. Terror and anarchy will come to an end.In order to see whether scholars are really scholars, first ask them, “How many times have you mentioned Islamic Unity in your life? How many times have you recommended it?” They recommend the headscarf millions of times but ask them how many times they have called for Islamic Unity. They talk about the headscarf from morning to night. But if they talked about Islamic Unity from morning to night, the headscarf issue would have long since been resolved. There would be no problem over people covering their heads or not. But they do not. You must demand Islamic Unity, the greatest obligation of all. And then those who wish to cover up will do so, and those who do not, will not. Let them all dress as they like.

A9 TV, 31 August 2012

The greatest obligation of all is Islamic Unity. That will eliminate all afflictions and sicknesses and problems. There would be no more  Assad problem. There would be no more disorder and policy of oppression in Iraq. You would not have this disorder in Libya. There would be no more oppression in Afghanistan. The sufferings in Moro, Chad, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria would come to an end. There would be no more economic crisis. But they insist on avoiding Islamic Unity and are unwilling even to mention it because if they talk about Islamic Unity they will also have to talk about the Mahdi (pbuh), and since they all make different claims about [being] the Mahdi (pbuh) they are unwilling to speak about it. Don’t be afraid. If you are sincere, then speak about Islamic Unity. What kind of Muslim are you? You talk about oppression. But why not about the oppression in the Islamic world? Is Syria the only place where there is oppression? Always Syria, Syria, Syria. They should talk about the whole Islamic world. Does Almighty Allah distinguish between Syria and Iraq in the Qur’an? He always addresses the Ummah, the community of Islam, en masse. Allah speaks to all Muslims. This person Mursi should talk about Islamic Unity. His tongue will not drop off, so he need not fear.

A9 TV, 25 April 2012

The Sunni-Shiite divide is a great tragedy. We are trying to unite them but they are striving to remain disunited. It is very odd. Shiites are radiant Muslims. Why be divided? You share the same kiblah, the same Allah and the same Book. They are scrupulous over prayer and what is lawful and unlawful. Why be divided? They are immaculate people with fear of Allah. Why should people be disunited? “No, we cannot live with Shiites, we must separate.” That is ridiculous. They must wish for Islamic Unity. The solution is Islamic Unity. The other is no solution. It will end in disaster. It will lead to division everywhere. It is a huge mistake.

They never speak of Islamic Unity. America looks positively! America should look positively on Islamic Unity. Does America say you are all Muslims, with the same Allah, Book, religion and faith and prophet, so why are you divided? Are the Protestants and Catholics in America divided? Does that happen? Where has such a thing ever been seen? It is extraordinary. Muslims are brothers. They must be united, not divided.

They have begun dividing Shiites and Sunnis with great intensity. They will eventually tell them to attack one another. One attacks the other, and there you have Armageddon, they will say. Muslims will melt down and destroy one another. They will say that Allah inflicted troubles on them. They will say the army of the antichrist has destroyed itself. Some people are walking right into the trap. That is a huge mistake. One must seek to unify. What does our prime minister say? We never discriminate between Alawites and Sunnis. We are all brothers, we are not sectarian, he says. He uses the language of the Mahdi. That is the truth. They must abandon what they are saying.

A9 TV, 3 April 2012

There will be no need for military operation when we have Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. They will be a deterrent force. For example, what was special about the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) army? It was a deterrent force. Did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) shed blood? No. He said he could destroy those opposed to him, and the sight of his power was enough for those opponents. “We had best not get involved. We don’t need it. We give in,” they would say. Problems will be totally resolved when Turkish-Islamic Union has such a force. Therefore, the best way for Turkey to be powerful in the face of America and Europe is Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union.

A9 TV, 4 April 2012

There is also this weakness when it comes to discussing the End Times and the way of the Mahdi. That is why they never mention Islamic Union. Because they themselves fear the Islam they espouse. It makes them themselves uneasy. They are reluctant to talk about it because they know the other person will not believe them. But after I insisted on the matter and told them all how ÒBediuzzaman says this or that,Ó some of them have very gradually and hesitantly begun talking about Islamic Union. They have drawn strength from me. But their words reflect a rigidity, a weakness of faith, powerlessness, lack of self-confidence and a vagueness and lack of clarity. Their systems are built only on possibilities, in other words. That is probably so they can withdraw in the face of an attack. But we must show them affection. The situation in annoying, but also calls for compassion. Feelings of compassion weigh heavier with me, but they are unable to see the blessing that Allah bestows on them.

A9 TV, 6 March 2012

Many Muslims fail to attach sufficient important to the global reign of Islam. It really is amazing. They genuinely attach importance to prayer, and the hajj, but not to the global reign of the faith. They do not even consider it important for the faith to spread in the regions where they live. Nor among their own families. Yet this is the greatest religious obligation. The Qur’an talks about this from start to finish.

A9 TV, 18 March 2012

The Unity of Islam is just on the step. We will establish a glorious Unity of Islam, insha’Allah but everyone must make effort with their hands, tongues and might, because Allah makes us await it for more rewards. Otherwise He would make it happen right away. One can communicate Islam by speaking, by sending essays to friends, by distributing books, holding conferences or supporting those who organize conferences. Doing nothing but just making some suggestions would not be becoming, insha’Allah. Everyone must render his services. We have five to ten more years. Allah grants that time so that we can receive lots of rewards. Once we receive our rewards, Islam will, under all circumstances, reign, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 23 February 2012 

The Ottoman Empire is over, my brother. Our Prophet (pbuh) speaks of a new road when the Mahdi comes. But the glory of the Ottomans and the Seljuks and the Golden Horde will be remembered when the Mahdi (pbuh) comes. Not just of the Ottomans, but all of them. Are we to say the Ottoman Empire has been rebuilt when we have Islamic Union? The Ottoman Empire will obviously not have been rebuilt. But the glory of the Ottoman Empire will return as a legacy.

A9 TV, 13 February 2012

They discuss the Palestinian problem today. Look, the Palestinian problem, not Islamic Union. What is the problem? The liberation of Palestine. Right, let us imagine it has been liberated. Then what? They will be able to live at ease, they say. So they can live in nice, clean houses and go down to the beach, they say, and have fun, and go to the shops and to school. Is that what the world was created for? Allah will not let them rest easy. We were created to serve and to pray to Allah. We have a duty to establish Islamic Union. Allah bestows that responsibility on us. There can be no ease or peace without that, insha’Allah.

Sufferings can only decline with the way of the Mahdi, insha’Allah. We can see the importance of Islamic Union everywhere.

There may be nuances among Muslims. But there is goodness in all of them. We must respect them all. We must value them all. Our brothers must keep their distance from those devilish types who want to set Muslims against one another. They must not put any faith in them. Muslims must love, respect, value and protect one another. Muslims must keep away from satans that want to set them at one another’s throats. Those who call on them to unite and unify and love one another are the followers of the Mahdi. Those who try to set them against one another are the followers of the dajjal (antichrist).

It is a very fine thing for Muslims to love one another and be friends. They used to be against Muslims on the grounds they were Shiites or Jaferis. That has now come to an end, insha’Allah. They are radiant people. Immaculate Muslims. There is no need to divide Muslims like that. One must treat them with love in particular. This world is a temporary place. We are tested. At the end of the test we will go to the hereafter. Insha’Allah, we will all be judged in the Presence of Allah according to the good or mistaken nature of our deeds.

Shiites, Alawites and Jaferis are decent, very pious people and immaculate Muslims. There is no need to divide Muslims like this. One must treat them with love. We are being tested in this brief world. We will all go to the hereafter as a result of that test, insha’Allah. Insha’Allah, we will all be judged in the Presence of Allah for the goodness or errors of our deeds.

The most important subject is Islamic Union. When we have Turkish-Islamic Union and Islamic Union, everything will be resolved. Some people dig around underground. They should come to the surface and rule over it (intellectual). They scurry around under the feet of disbelief like ants. That is no good. They are wasting their time. The essential thing is Islamic Union. Turkish-Islamic Union. Social issues will be resolved then, and political ones and everything. A morally excellent order will then arise in politics, too. Since Islamic moral values will prevail. Everything will fall into place in medicine and everything else. The economy will be sorted out. Because proper moral values will have a very positive impact on everything. My brothers must think on these things.

They must abandon nonsense and strive for the global dominion of Qur’anic moral values. They must demand Islamic Union. They imagine that is very hard, but it is easy. It is not happening because you are not demanding it. If you did, it would happen at once, or in a week. Guests do not come where they are not wanted. And Islam does not come where it is not wanted, either it comes if it is invited, by Allah’s leave. It will come if 10% of the Islamic world wants it. But it is not coming as it is not being called. Allah is not sending it. Otherwise we would long since have had Islamic Union. They are all wrapped up in their own problems and thinking of themselves. They are all thinking selfishly. They say they want to be at ease. But they never say a word about Islamic Union. They want to be at ease, but Allah will send you afflictions, rather than ease. You did not come to this world to relax. You came to serve Allah. And Allah bestows no ease on people who not wish for Islamic Union. There can be no peace anywhere in the world. But if they demanded Islamic Union, then peace and ease would follow at once.

It is essential for the whole Muslim world to unite. That is when there will be real happiness. Otherwise, it is not enough for a region to be free and independent. The whole Islamic world must be free and at ease. We therefore want them all to be at ease, including Israel and the Armenians. And Christians, Catholics, the Orthodox and Protestants. We want them all to live in peace. But the moral values of Islam must rule the world. And that is impossible without a leader. Otherwise, it would already have happened. But it has not happened, and there is no happiness. There has to be someone in charge. And that is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus the Messiah (as).

They are quite scrupulous when it comes to hadiths about eating, marriage and business. There are hadiths about struggle and Islamic Union, but does anyone discuss those at meetings? Islamic Union was our Prophet’s (saas) greatest objective. Does he not refer to the global dominion of Islamic moral values among his objectives? Everyone talk about Bediüzzaman’s heroism at meetings. But they never mention Bediüzzaman’s greatest aim, Islamic Union. He says that is the great religious obligation. But there are parts that nobody finds troubling, so they talk about them, instead. They talk in the mosques. They talk about matrimonial law in the mosques. So it is first marriage, then Islamic Union. (All they talk about is) What the shawl should be long, how many meters the bride’s dress should be. Now is not the time. They are ruining Muslims.

Prayer and fasting are commandments of Allah. We must strive for Islamic Union day and night. What did our Prophet (saas) do? They had not enough time for prayer even, so they cut short the prayer. He strove for Islamic Union. Have any of our brothers had to cut prayer short? The important thing is Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. Turkey is home to holy people. Not in a sense of racial superiority. But we have leadership. Allah showed that in Ottoman times. We are morally superior. My nation is a very good natured one. Prayer is like breathing. But we must strive for Islamic Union. Turkey is the bastion of faith. It is somewhere in which people live by Islam very well.

Islamic Union is not a very difficult system with many obstacles before it. Peace and love are very easy. Satan makes it look difficult. If we want friendship, it is easy for us to be friends. But if it is made to look difficult, if satan convinces people of that, then he can make even the easiest thing difficult. Unification, Turkish-Islamic Union, is the easiest thing in the world. They portray it as if it were a very far-off target. "How can it ever happen?" they ask. It is division you should be baffled by. The way that Muslims fall out is absolutely amazing. It is totally wrong for children to be in prison. The occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is wrong.

Islamic Union is another name for love, for peace and for brotherhood. It means the end of fanaticism and bigotry. It means the dominion of science, art, democracy and beauty. Our chains will be shattered in this age. There will be great relief. Fear will be listed. The only fear left will be fear of Allah. There will be no fear of weapons, or organized crime, or injustice or anything else.

People must talk about Islamic Union every day. Instead of wasting time on empty chat, they should talk about Islamic Union, day and night. They must talk about Muslims all being brothers. They treat immaculate Muslims like unbelievers for not growing beards. Why do they say that about immaculate Muslims? They are determined to put Muslim women down and humiliate them. I cannot understand why they do that. They insist on them covering their heads. Let them uncover their heads. Be reasonable. Let things be as they were in the Age of Felicity. Look at the fervor in the time of our Prophet (saas) or the Prophet Jesus (as). There was a great danger. But there was great fervor and loyalty and purity.

All the prophets lived by Islamic Union. No prophet ever lived without Islamic Union. The prophets Moses (as), Abraham (as), Jacob (as), Izaac (as), Aaron (as), Ishmael (as) and all of them implemented Islamic Union. No prophet behaved in a way that violated Islamic Union. They spent their lives espousing Islamic Union. Why did the Prophet Moses (as) call his followers away from Pharaoh? To espouse Islamic Union. Why did they go to the desert? In order to live by Islamic Union, even in the desert. Because they could not live by Islamic Union where they were. The Prophet Jesus (as) lived by Islamic Union. The Prophet Jesus (as) said, “you will have problems when you defend me and the faith. You will be arrested and taken to court.” Nobody failed to espouse Islamic Union. “Do not be concerned with what to say when you go to court. Leave it to Allah, and He will make you speak.” That is what it says in the Gospel. Men with a cause are like that. No prophet ever failed to espouse Islamic Union. No religion ever failed to. It exists in all faiths and sharia. Sharia means path, insha’Allah. The path of virtue, insha’Allah. There can be no religion without Islamic Union.

(About the report concerning the Egyptian scholar’s call for Islamic Union)

This has happened, masha’Allah. The teachers have begun speaking out in ones and twos. Yet tens of thousands of teachers should be loudly declaiming it. One person says it and it appears in the papers, "have you heard that this teacher has demanded Islamic Union?” they ask. One person says that. But that is the duty of all Muslims, so what are they waiting for? What is the harm in it? Who will suffer by it? It will make everyone happy, a system in which all will rejoice. A system that will be instrumental in all being happy.     

A9 TV, 20 February 2011

"Religion is moral virtue. It is totally moral virtue. Islamic Union is the greatest religious obligation and is above all things. That is the real virtue. Someone who does not espouse Islamic Union is in a very abnormal position. Islamic Union is virtue personified. You see our brothers fighting and dying on the streets. It is the alleged terror organization Ergenekon that is martyring them. Some of our brothers look around and become fixated on the headscarf. The headscarf is just one religious commandment. But the greatest obligation is Islamic Union, but they never talk about that.

You talk about marriage, the headscarf or getting a job when the main thing you should concentrate on is Islamic Union. Islamic Union is the most vital matter. You cannot have the others without Islamic Union. You must concentrate on the most vital issue. And when you have Islamic Union, the rest all follows. If you do not concentrate on Islamic Union, things do not happen because you try and solve them from the edges. Allah constantly responds to Muslims with the rod of destruction. Because they do not concentrate on the essential issue. Allah will give them no peace if they have no love for Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) in their hearts. He does not and He will not, by the law of Allah. There is no Islamic Union, but people ask about marriage or the best way of eating rice. They should ask about Islamic Union. Once we have Islamic Union the world will be a paradise for those women who cover their heads and for those who do not. Nobody will interfere with anyone else. You will experience love and peace in the finest way. But if you do not want that, then these troubles will keep coming. Islamic Union is moral virtue. Religion is moral virtue. If you say that only the headscarf is virtue, then Allah will give you no respite. I do not believe in the sincerity of anyone who does not espouse Turkish-Islamic Union.

A9 TV, 25 February 2011

The movements going on are phenomena of the way of the Mahdi. They are movements behind which lie Islamic belief. Are people in Egypt uprising for democracy? Is it a Muslim’s aim to achieve democracy? A Muslim’s aim is Islam. Democracy is also rooted in the true faiths. Social justice is also an idea that draws on Islam. It is therefore Islam that lies behind the events going on. It is not due to intervention by America. It is metaphysical entities that some people do not know, do not want to know or else that they know but wish they did not, that are directing these events. First and foremost Hazrat Khidr (as). He has hundreds and thousands of his own people and they are managing events, that is what is happening. They say the Arab light has begun shining. It is not the Arab Sun that is rising, but the Sun of Islam. Islam has a Sun that will shine on all mankind. It is the Sun that Bediuzzaman spoke of at the al-Amawi Mosque in Damascus many years before. Martial law is being lifted and democracy is coming. He says that the more democracy comes, the wider the gate to the way of the Mahdi will be opened and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear. He says this will start in 30 or 40 years or after half a century. And things are happening just as he said and at the time he said.

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