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You who believe! Do not take the unbelievers as friends rather than the believers. Do you want to give Allah clear proof against you? (Surat an-Nisa’, 144)

Muslims cannot take people who attack religion and Islam as their friends. Of course they have a duty to warn them. But they will dislike them for what they did and have no respect for them in their hearts, insha’Allah.

Allah says that if believers fall out, He will inflict tragedies on them. “If you cannot be friends, there will be terrible strife and corruption,” He says. In other words, I will inflict foreign countries on you. I will destroy you and smash your power, purity and honor. So He says we must love and protect one another. The verse is quite explicit. We must scrupulously avoid any language that misuses feelings of heroism and valor under various pretexts and hints at civil war by setting parts of the nation against one another. That is a terrible sin. Strife. Allah says that strife is worse than murder. There would be terrible strife then. The result would be a tendency toward civil war. Everyone would want to get involved. Fifty people would fight another fifty. Then the 25 survivors would fight another 25, and so on, until nobody is left. That is the policy of disbelief. That is corruption, not heroism. We must scrupulously avoid it.

They have also resorted to force (in Libya). They told both sides they shared their cause. Both sides claimed to be braver than the other. They devastated everywhere. Muslims are busy digging hundreds or thousands of graves from morning to night. They are burying one another. This side and that are constantly burying people. Factories are being flattened. France is using its weapons in this way. It is dropping tons of bombs. Of course it will recoup the costs from them. So it is important to clearly see the danger. 

The spirit of aggression is very dangerous. Muslims cannot be aggressive toward one another. They cannot attack disbelief, using intelligence and science and intellectual means. Not with sticks and stones, insha’Allah. We have seen what happens to countries that attack others. The Iraqi Army used to be called the third largest in the world. But overnight the USA turned it into the weakest and most wretched army in the world. They fell to their knees and disappeared into the desert sand. That is what happens to aggression. But if they had loved the nation, if they had not been divided and if they had obeyed Allah and the Qur’an, the USA could not have done the slightest thing there. Everyone knows that. Libya is now heading toward death. It is now is a state of coma. It is riddled with cancer. Anyone who so pleases can strike at it. Europe will make a profit out of it. And France and the USA. It is just what U.S. banks wanted. U.S. banks have quickly begun recovering since the fighting in Libya. Money is pouring into their coffers. They have begun raking in the money for those bombs and everything else. Their economies have begun coming round. Now they will drop many tons of bombs more. Then it will be other countries’ turn. They have set the Syrians against one another. There is a spirit of heroism and aggression there, too. The same in Palestine. They are setting al Fatah against our other Muslim brothers. Then Israel comes along and smashes them all. They are fighting and shooting at one another. Brother against brother. If you are so heroic, fight against disbelief instead. Yet Muslims are passive and feeble in the face of disbelief in so many places. They cannot lift a finger against it. But they all become great heroes when it comes to fighting one another.

The body contracts without fear and love of Allah, the body starts rebelling against itself. The mouth, eyes and stomach all contract. People then generally seek a solution in drugs. But Allah sets out the reason for this contraction in the Qur’an. But if they believe in the Qur’an, then it relaxes again.

When there is no religion, every area of life goes wrong and people become ugly. An unhealthy society arises. An anarchy develops. People become tired of living and the desire for death increases. Islam is now essential for the world. The world cannot function without Islam. Think of a television; it cannot work without electricity. Islam and the Qur’an are like the world’s electricity. Without them, the world cannot function.

We are generally created to live by love, friendship and brotherhood. People are uneasy even if cats start fighting. Fighting is very ugly. Bloodshed and shouting and screaming are a disgrace. Embarrassing someone, even withholding a compliment, is bad, Coldness is very bad. Yet people beat one another up, cut them and break their bones. We are opposed to that. It is rare that anyone espouses love and friendship. Everyone should espouse them. We say that Muslims must unite and that we want Turkish-Islamic Union. Impossible,” they say. But fragmenting everything is so much harder. You are doing what is hard, while we want what is easy.


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