masha Allah excellent works Mr Adnan is there any subject left behind for which you do not possess the knowledge of it. May Allah bless you more and more this Sipirtual Potential generate matchless works Mr Adnan.
Mirza Abbas Ali - India
The faults positive used in promoting red wine as a healthy choice for the arteries is plain PROPAGANDA to drink more wine or alcohol while the benefits are equally available in plain grape fruit juice or grapes themselves, especially in the seeds and skin. I encourage anyone to swallow the grape seeds and skin because they contain flavonoids. Please see link for more healthy info about grape fruits juice. Remember, in the Quran it says do not resemble them, they have their own religion and we have ours. Also, please read in the Quran about the food that is mentioned in different Surat, and you will discover how medicinal they are, in fgact Grapes are mentioned and so is Onion and garlic and much more, so, what else when it comes from the guidance of Gog, Allah subhanahou wa taala rather than from a western Media extolling the health benefits of red wine etc... Thank God for making me a good muslim.
Nadir - FRANCE
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