I most sincerely thank Allah (SWA)and my special prayers goes to Prophet Mohammed(SAW);his companions and the rest of people like you.The write ups which you have made for the development of Islam is in no small measure enhance knowledge to Muslim Ummah and the non-muslim alike.For this I prayed for Allah(SWA)to increase your knowledge and gives you the courage and determination to make write ups that would be instrumental to conversion of non-muslim to Islam.May Allah (SWA)continue to guide you and protect you from the evil-doers.Ameen.
Shuaibu Alhaji umaru - NIGERIA
Allahuakbar!! may Allah bless you, aljihadufisabilillah.....
Zamzuri bin Yusof - MALAYSIA
Your work is unquantifiable, so its only ALLAH (SWT) that can reward you. May HE continue to bless, guide and direct you to a noble cause in this word and in the hereafter. Amen.
Abdullahi Njeke - NIGERIA
AlhamduliLLah, wassalatu wassalamu ala rasulullah.I say AlhamduliLLah,We must thank The Almighty Allah for giving us Harun Yahya.My family and I pray for Allah to forgive all his sins and grant him aljanna firdaws. We also pray for his family and his parents who definitely must have contributed. His works have made several to revert to Islam and for those of us, strenthened our faith. Jazakallah hairan. Haruna Jamo.
AllahuAkbar Alhamdollillah may Allah Subhana ta ala gives you a high ranking after life
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